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As we all know, young children learn most effectively through play. Active and creative play is central to all that we do at Little Stars Preschool and Kindergarten. We encourage free play and provide a wide variety of activity areas to stimulate our children’s physical, social and creative development. Together with these free play opportunities Little Stars Preschool and Kindergarten  provide structured play with carefully designed stages to develop skills appropriate to each child’s needs.


The Preschool day follows  the recently revised British curriculum  – ‘The Early Years Foundation Stage’ which provides guidance for children up to five years old.

We strive for a balance of both teacher and child led activities and this is reflected in the daily routine.

Weekly Theme

So that the children feel that there is a link between all that they do, each week we have a theme around which most activities are based.

(Example, families, bugs and insects,shopping, people who help us, the weather etc.)






Circle Time

 This is where children start their day through meaningful experiences like storytelling, singing songs, show and tell   and group games.




Art and Craftart-and-craft-playgroup.jpg

Children experience art through the freedom of touching, feeling, pulling, twisting, tearing, pasting, bending, scraping, cutting, pounding, shaping, and so much more.

They are developing a feel for forms, balance, line, colour, and shape as well as gaining practice in problem solving.

Through hands-on activities children learn about various relationships, sharpening their powers of observation, and beginning the process of logical thinking, and developing motor skills.




  Music and Dance

Music activities give children opportunities to use their entire bodies for learning and exploring their surroundings, build awareness by listening to the many kinds of sounds, and help children experience the release and freedom of body movement.




  dramatic-play-pix.jpgDramatic Play

In the large room we have role play areas which we regularly change for example an office, hospital, house corners and shops that invite children to use their imagination.

They try new careers, learn to share, make friends and express different emotions.



                                   Pre-numeracy Skills

mathpreschool.jpgChildren learn sorting and counting skills, putting materials in order and patterning.

Through manipulating small materials, children will also begin to understand basic concepts such as big/little, large/small, same and different.



prelit.JPGLiteracy Skills

Children develop language skills orally through, for example, story telling, rhymes and role play.

They also gradually develop pre-writing skills through a range of media, for example, finger painting, chalk and crayons.




sciencepix.jpg  Science

Children have the opportunity to have hands-on, real-life activities that encourage a sense of discovery.

The activities are related to the theme and include investigating living things such as making an antery, exploring materials – floating and sinking, experimenting in the sand and water areas.




Physical Activitiesplaygroup-physical.jpg

Little Stars playground offers children a large grassed field where they can release their physical energy through play.

Together with the usual games with balls and hoops etc. there are swings, slides, a trampoline, climbing frame and an adventure area to give a wide variety of choice to the children.

Throughout their time in the playgroup the children develop a wide range of skills socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually in preparation for a smooth transition for their entry into Kindergarten.


The Preschool Day

The school day
The school is open from Monday to Friday during term time.
Early learning classes start at 9.00am until 11.30am. Extended hours are possible for a small fee. Please inquire at the office.

Children are placed in classes according to their age on the 31st August .

Pre school Classes
Starlets ( under 2 years)
Moonbeams ( 2- 3 years)
Sunshine ( 3-4 years)

Children can attend for either 2, 3 or 5 days per week.
Children can be enrolled throughout the school year .

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